Content Generalists are the new in-demand marketer

The old distinctions between content strategist, content marketer, and content manager do not make a lot of sense these days. Brands are living in a new era of marketing where any piece of published content from any stakeholder at any time can instantly become a revenue generating product or a public relations nightmare.

Leading brands understand how to balance this risk with potential opportunity by employing content experts that are familiar with every aspect of the Content 360 Framework. These Content Generalists may promote a specialization in one area of content, but they are in fact a jack-of-all-trades that understand how every element of the framework is interdependent.

Doing more with less

Today’s challenging business environment means that brands must grow top-line revenue and make more efficient use of every marketing dollar. Brands that adhere to a Content First approach to marketing recognize that content provides immense revenue generating opportunities. But that means that they must also have a piece of engaging content available at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

It is exceedingly important that leading brands employ Content Generalists that adhere to the Five Principles of Content. It is both a marketing ethos and a calling card that says to customers that this brand is digitally fluent and able to address their needs at a place and time where they are listening.


Five Principles of Content

  • Strong content strategy drives revenue growth
  • Savvy content marketing increases customer growth
  • Efficient content management reduces marketing costs
  • Informed digital fluency builds brand authority
  • Robust communication management reinforces brand relevance


For over a decade, brands have trusted me to guide them through the everchanging content landscape. The complexities involved with creating engaging content has increased in lockstep with the changes in how customers consume content. In turn, I provide prudent and pragmatic advice to brands on how to launch contextually relevant and revenue generating content that can help them navigate through the intersection of marketing, communications, media, and advocacy.

As a content generalist with a specialization in content strategy and content marketing, my work spans all media, with an emphasis on fintech brands. My journalism background and multifaceted media production experience allows me the unique ability to take content from the concept stage all the through production and execution. A communicator and entrepreneur at heart, I am passionate about crafting effective messages that will provoke thought, influence behavior, and encourage positive change.




One of the unique skills I offer to brands is my expertise in hosting shows and presenting on-camera. Instead of incurring the expense of staffing up a team of producers, writers, talent, and other creative professionals, many brands have been able to take advantage of my multifaceted experience as a solo Multimedia Journalist to reduce the time and cost of taking a multimedia project from conception to publication.

Even if your content project doesn't require multimedia work at this moment, brands I have worked with tell me that they see multimedia as the best way to communicate with their customers. Check out some of my work below and let me help you figure out how multimedia content can help supercharge your content framework.